• Verified weight capacity of 450 lbs. on 3-Step unit.
  • All our steps are built with 11 Gauge steel.
  • Size of step pads are 7"x7".
  • 3-Step unit step pads are spaced apart by 10-3/8".
  • 4-Step unit step pads are spaced apart by 10-1/4".
  • TrickStep handle length is 40-1/4".
  • TrickStep is no wider than the width of the trailer.
  • Hardware bolts are Grade 8 zinc coated. (Won't Rust)
  • Our step with handle bolted on the step fits inside a standard 7' garage door.
  • TrickStep offers RBS (Removable Bottom Step) option for those who store they're boats in a garage where they may have to accommodate for garage door clearance. Contact us for details.
  • Some trailer swing tongues have the option to swing both to the Starboard & Port sides by swapping the bolt & pin on the tongue.
  • We offer our step uncoated (raw steel) for those who may want to have the TrickStep coated locally with color of choice. Contact Us for details.
  • All steps are powder coated with Sherman Williams BLACK with UV protection.